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You love photography, but you're frustrated because you know you have it in you to be a better at your craft and run a more successful photography business. You could attend a large workshop or convention, and listen to dozens of speakers, but how will you apply what you learned there and measure your growth? 

The growtographer™ program was created because I wanted to help photographers get from where they are to where they want to be. Together we will work to discover your strengths and your growth areas, then create a plan to get you there. 

Hands-on and Phone Based
Coaching Sessions

Personal or Small Group

I walked away from our mentoring session bursting with motivation and ideas, and my confidence and skill has only increased since.
— Courtney Weinreis, A Borrowed Likeness

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In "The Lazy Photographer's Guide to Workflow", you will find a detailed description of my workflow from the first client contact to delivering the final product. It's aimed at both portrait and wedding photographers who want a more efficient workflow.