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Thank you for being a wonderful mentor. I think back to what I was doing before I started my mentoring sessions and I can’t even imagine how I would have ever gotten to the point that I have gotten to without you. Not only do you have the gift of being an amazing photographer, but a talented teacher. I always look forward to our sessions together and can’t wait to learn even more from you.
— Eileen Liu (Pictured Above)
Shelley’s knowledge and style of shooting is so universal and truly can apply to anyone, at any stage, in any specialty. I myself am a wildlife and nature photographer, not a portrait photographer, but Shelley’s use of light and composition along with her technical knowledge was invaluable. I walked away from our mentoring session bursting with motivation and ideas (I suggest you bring a way to take notes!), and my confidence and skill has only increased since. Shelley handed me building blocks that fit who I am as a person and photographer, gave me direction, and set me up for a continuous climb to the potential that I’m still discovering I have. She is the passionate teacher and cheerleader that wants to see you succeed - she is a fabulous photographer, but an even better person.
— Courtney Weinreis
Learning from you has been an incredible experience for me. My eye to see things has changed almost overnight. Your instruction and constructive critiques have quickly brought me to a new level of photography skill that would have taken me years to get to otherwise.
— Rivkah Fancher
One of the things I love about photography is that the art of apprenticeship is alive and well in this field, that, in my opinion it is the BEST way to learn a craft. I am so beyond grateful for my mentor who is not only a brilliant photographer but a truly beautiful person, I have learned SO MUCH from her & will always be thankful to God to have her in my life. Everybody needs a mentor in order to learn and grow. I am honored, Shelley, to have you as mine.
— Davaun Kurz
You really are a bright spot in my life. Your praise, encouragement and constructive suggestions mean so much to me. Thank you for raising me up. You make me feel good about myself.
— Marian Adoranti
When one of my ‘post-mentoring’ images play on a slideshow, it’s like ‘Whoa, where’d that one come from?’ Total makeover. Thank you!
— Sara LePage
Just wanted to tell you that I got through the wedding, and thought of you almost every time I was setting up for a new shots. Thanks again for being my mentor, you are so amazing and give so much encouragment that I will keep working so I can improve more.
— Judy Jacobsen